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The study of 'Computer-Networking' consists substantially of three areas. The three areas are network, management and programming.

The management area consists of lectures on BWL (management), project management and so on. The network area consists of network engineering basics, designing and managing a network and so on and the programming area consists of object oriented analysis, design and programming mostly based on 'Java' technology.

At first sight of semesters you have to graduate some basic lectures. Afterwards you're free to select different kind of more detailed lectures in things you're very interested in for deepening your knowledge.

More informations about this study is available at

At the download pages it can be found some downloads about projects and reports I've done during my study. Of course the reports and documentations are in german only, but the source code of some programming examples could be interesting for other language speaking people as well. If there are any questions about Computer-Networking feel free to ask me. I'll try to answer your questions if my available time allows me to answer. :-)

home > index > infos about cn